Thursday, 23 April 2009

Tutorial Step By Step How To Recover Your Deleted Data Use Getdataback

To recover your deleted,lost data you must have Hiren Boot CD v9.8
This bootable cd is free.You can download here

(use mirror link at right side this website if this link broken)

after download burn the iso image to cd-rom use software like nero.

1. Insert the Hiren Boot CD to your cr-rom drive and run it.
Click menu > recovery > getdataback fat/ntfs

* Make sure you know what your file system fat or ntfs

2.Getdataback menu now appear on your screen.
just click next

3. Choose your hard drive where want recover the data
then click next

4. Just click next

5. After you click next this popup will appear.just waiting.this proccess take a few minute
In my case i take 30 minute for 40gb

6. After finnish the can see popup like this
just click partition with green colour
then click next

7 . Take around 20 second to read partition.

8. Now you can see your deleted data,lost data
just right click and click copy.

9. Choose your location where you want paste the data

10. Loading for copying your deleted data,lost data..


Wednesday, 22 April 2009

The Best Data Recovery Choice For You

The best protection against data loss, important files to reliable media is very stable and reliable backup tasks. In addition to portable media and if it even possible for any reason something happens to all computers to bring is a good idea, data is protected with a different physical space.

OK, this is the best solution for data loss.(How to Recover Lost and Deleted Files From Your Hard Drive) What about you, and you want as a backup drive before the emergency was not the computer to get that all important files are faced with a difficult task? (By the way, the fact that many people I can find themselves in this situation. You are not alone.) How do I know when the election can take some consolation?

Well, usually two ways to help the disk or data recovery service or data recovery software can retrieve data and to pack. Everyone, but that your decision to do the job for which a use, there are several reasons you should go. (How to Recover Lost and Deleted Files From Your Hard Drive) First, do you have enough understanding of the computer? If, perhaps, for the recovery software works. If not, do not try to use all the methods. How much is something else to get this data had to spend? If in place, then your own hypothesis about the job, with a long time on a reputable software package. If the software version and not waste time and money, these efforts will not spend too much time for.

Recover Lost and Deleted Files From Formated Hard Drive

If you decide to use the data returned, so perhaps you know you must receive all the data back. In general, success in this sector is approximately 80%. Skills and a successful data recovery experts will attempt to identify the driver is optional.(How to Recover Lost and Deleted Files From Your Hard Drive) But admiration for all work, such as an advanced software tools to connect a simple piece of software is not easy, and all files, go here. Usually, physical damage, especially to drivers of data, most experts in the back requires a little detective andnot easily discouraged.

If you have lost data and any data backup and recovery, and still can be shrink. Only works best for you to select the recovery method presented in this article use policy.

How to Recover Lost and Deleted Files From Formated Hard Drive

How to Recover Lost and Deleted Files From Your Hard Drive

If you have lost or accidentally deleted important files on the hard disk, a horrible feeling I know what you think it is important that the data loss. Fortunately May be difficult, but also restore data on your hard drive and in the majority of computer users.

Now, if you have a backup hard drive on a regular basis, it will not be a problem in the first place. Maybe not on your hard drive, usually? Do you have a backup file?

Do worry. You are not alone. Most people know who the best but also most of the time, so we should be open, or delete important files lost as a spare hard drive.

However, as a rule, on the hard drive is removed is not lost. This is just for you, the user is not visible. If the area overwritten, the data can be restored still exists, and. (How to Recover Lost and Deleted Files From Your Hard Drive)

This is the first thing to do, but do not write more data. We do not hold more data. Do not use another program. Simply cease to use the computer at once. If not, the item you are trying to save face and not take risks.

If the file is removed, but in a basket, or even bump into your computer, or lost, corrupted or formatted partition, several options (including as a computer repair) have been fulfilled.

Can I use this hard drive to another computer and add them as a second hard drive. Do not write to a file that you want to keep this unwittingly helps.

Then, the second for the data recovery can begin, as well as a wide range of software available at present (eg, search and recovery, and Cancel), mounted on the second computer and deleting old files from the loss of a new station hard drive.(How to Recover Lost and Deleted Files From Your Hard Drive)

Recover Lost and Deleted Files From Your Hard Drive

Or, if the installation CD (yes, you can get - but make sure that there is a problem on your computer to do so), direct the software to restore files from a CD, you can use the hard drive.

Lost or deleted data from hard disk to restore you expensive data recovery without the use of rehabilitation services have 85% chance.

Then you have lost or deleted files on your hard disk for you to find a good strategy for data backup, you need to make the following case. The easiest way to reminders on your calendar, and write data to CD or DVD every week, month or other period.(How to Recover Lost and Deleted Files From Your Hard Drive) Computers and the best option for the purchase and the most reliable Backup Software to automate the operation of the process until you do. Some of the good services and software to help you back precious and valuable data. Enjoy!

How to Recover Lost and Deleted Files From Your Hard Drive